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We don't care what it is  - Target Rifle, Hunting Rifle, Tactical Assault Rifle - we love them all!  We like them in every caliber under the sun and carry them from the little .22 to the 7mm Magnum and beyond.  We have lots of the ever popular .223 and .308, not to mention the classic .243 and 30-06.  In fact, far too many to list.  Take a look to see what we're selling to our valued clients in Wadena Minnesota and around the nation.

All rifles shown are current inventory.  We update daily, so check back with us frequently.

Red X Arms 5.56 (16" Barrel-15" Handguard ) - $675.00

Savage Rascal 22lr(Black)-$191.00

Savage Rascal 22lr(Red) - $191.00

Red X Arms 7.62x39 (16" Barrel) - $650.00

Henry Frontier Supressor Ready 22LR (24" Threaded Barrel) - $499 (Plus Options)

Red X Arms DCA15 7.62x39 M-Lok (16" Stainless Barrel) - $650.00

Red X Arms DCA15 5.56 (16" Chrome Line Barrel) - $600.00

Red X Arms DCA15 300 Blackout M-Lok (16" Barrel) - $650.00

Red X Arms RXA 308 (24" Barrel) - $850.00

Red X Arms DCA15 300 Blackout-Sig Brace-Optic Extra- (7.5" Barrel) - $750.00

Savage Rascal Target 22lr-(16" Threaded Barrel) - $175.00 (Plus Scope)

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